GPS AdventureBox

Give the gift of adventure

Kickstarter funding complete!

We made it to 787% of our funding goal! That’s over $39,000!

We are now busy assembling the backer rewards and will begin shipping in the next several weeks.

Thank you to our backers!

The box bidding has began…

I am very excited to be entering the bidding process for the custom made boxes. I have decided to avoid any cheap generic boxes and go with custom designed and hand-made. Yes, I’ll pay a bit more, but it is very important that these boxes look great. Here is a great site for getting connected with custom makers.


A key feature of GPS AdventureBox is, well… a box. I can’t overlook the importance of a well-designed wooden box for this project. I need to find a reliable source for these. Local and online searches for the right one have resulted in a few possibilities, but I need to do my due diligence. I will talk to some woodworking shops to see how viable that would be. Again, scalability will need to be addressed. If I sell 50 or 10,000, I need a reliable source.

I have a couple that I have used to test-fit my prototype, which seem nice. I went ahead and did a few walking tests with the prototype with great results!

The circuit board design is complete and tested

I finalized the circuit board design and etched my own prototype board to ensure it was fully functional. I was quite excited to have everything fit properly and operate properly at first power-up.motherboard-pcb.251221227

I have sent out the design to several PCB etching services to get a good estimate of price, scalability, and turnaround. The results are good.

Supply Chain

resistor-sampleAs far as my goal of making the GPS AdventureBox affordable, I wanted to design it with supply options in mind. After much research on various component supplies and functionality, I have the final electronic design complete and have started designing the primary circuit board that will tie all of the components together. I want to offer the GPS AdventureBox in several different ways…

  • As a complete fully functional unit mounted in a finished wooden box
  • As a complete fully functional unit mounted in an unfinished wooden box
  • As a complete kit where the customer solders the components and installs it into their own box
  • As just a circuit board where the customer uses their own components to complete the project

I feel that the diversity in offerings will make the GPS AdventureBox more available to a broader audience.

The Route Planner is online


I have work hard to get the route planning web interface online. I wanted to use a client-side web interface to avoid issues with operating system incompatibilities.

Using the Google Maps API and JQuery, I was able to make it happen! Please have a look at it here. I will continue to tweak it and possibly add a few more features (but not too many).