About Us


It is your 25th anniversary and your spouse hands you nice little wooden box. The box is locked shut and on the top is a small LCD screen and a simple button. You press the button and the LCD screen comes to life. It displays… “Go to where we first met.”

You take the box to that location and press the button. It now displays “Now go to where we had our first date.” You take the box to that location and press the button. The display now reads “I’ll see you at home.”

When you get home, you notice a romantic dinner for two has been prepared and your spouse sitting with a wide grin. You press the button on the box and you hear a “click.” The box is now unlocked and you open it to find a stunning piece of jewelry inside.

How awesome a gift would this be??? 

The recipient must go to multiple locations (as many as the giver wants) before it will open. The giver uses the Route Planner tool on this site and creates a configuration file that is loaded onto an SD memory card, puts the SD card, some fresh batteries and the actual gift in the box, and gives it to the recipient. The hints or clues can be as simple or difficult as the giver wants.

This box can be used over and over again without needing to reprogram the microcontroller. Simply refresh the batteries and replace the configuration file with a new one. That’s it!